Services and Equipment

We have a range of the highest specification 5 Axis Milling Machines ,CNC lathes, Sliding Head Lathes, Vertical Milling Machines, Surface Grinder, Centerless Grinding and Laser Engraving to meet our customers demands.

Equipment List
  • Haas UMC 750- 5AX
  • Doosan DNM350-5AX
  • Haas VF4ss-3AX
  • Haas VF2ss-3AX
  • Haas VF2 – 3AX   (x2)
  • Haas VF-OE – 3AX
  • Haas Mini Mill – 3AX  (x2)
  • Haas SL-20 Lathe
  • Citizen K16E Sliding head w/t IEMCA Genius 118 bar Feeder
  • Citizen A20 Sliding Head w/t IEMCA Smart 320E o bar Feeder
  • Jones & Shipman 540 Series Surface Grinder w/t Centreless Grinding Attachment +DRO
  • Semco 2 Axis Vertical Millimg Machine w/t Acu Rite Controller (x3)
  • Colchester Lathe w/t DRO
  • Quantum-Mark Portable Laser Marking System
Addtional Services
  • Wire Erosion
  • Spark Erosion
  • Heat Treatment / Hardening /Annealing
  • Anodising (All colours)
  • Twin CladXT
  • Electro Polishing /Nickel Plating /Chrome Plating
  • Blade Sharpening (Steel & Carbide Tipped)

Our Experience

G & M Precision is a long-term trusted partner to major medical and electronics manufacturers, from product development and prototyping through to high/low volume manufacturing. We know how to achieve the results they have come to expect simply because we understand their businesses and industries.

Our manufacturing and design experience over the last two decades has enabled us to supply quality components and fixtures that meet our customers strict criteria at a competitive cost.

We provide a high level of engineering and design assistance to help bring your designs to reality ahead of schedule and within budget. We are also cost competitive, committed to continuous improvement of our processes

Our team of highly skilled technicians has gained a wealth of experience over the years that have allowed us to excel in this sector.

G & M offers a broad range of technical expertise to develop and manufacture complex medical device components and assemblies.

We can provide solutions from Concept to full production runs from the following materials, Stainless Steel 303/304/316 , 17-4 , Titanium, MP35N, ESD 225 Semitrom, ESD 410C, ESD 500HR , LSG Delrin , Aluminum and all grades of Copper.

Equipped with a 3.2m automatic barfeeded and lights out package, this machine is capable of running 24/7 if required.

Specialist Equipment

We have a 20W Laser System capable of marking a range of materials including Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium. Ability to mark a range of bar codes, data matrix and graphics with a print area up to 175mm X 175mm in size.
Our Citizen A20 sliding head lathe allows us to produce small to large runs of turned parts up to 20mm in diameter. The A20 is equipped with a twin spindle and 7 axis to allow parts to be manufactured complete. The machine also has milling capability allowing cross holes and milled features on the turned parts.